Actionscript 3 projectEdit

This is the wiki page for the Actionscript 3 project!

Actionscript 3 is the programming language for Adobe Flash. To use it, you will need Adobe Flash CS3 or higher (CS4, CS5, CS6).

You can download a 30 day trial from here , or... "aquire" a full version of Flash by other means...

This wiki is first to collaborate ideas. Once the projects have started, we can have a chronological catalogue of intermediate projects completed.


  1. Consolidate idea for final project
  2. Decide on intermediate steps to learn
  3. Gather resources and tutorials
  4. Collaborate material as we learn into our own tutorials

Intermediate project ideasEdit

List of intermediate projects and concepts to be learned. Please add any ideas.


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  1. Basic character movement
  2. Pong clone
  3. Snake clone
  4. Square to square collision
  5. Circle to circle collision
  6. Top down shooter
  7. Circle to line (slope) collision
  8. Platformer
  9. BrickBreaker clone

Final project ideasEdit

Please add any ideas for final game projects here. Try to detail what concepts will need to be learned to complete them. Preferably make relatively original ideas.

  1. Platformer where the character throws a ball which he can teleport to. Requires: character movement, basic platformer physics, ball physics (circle to line collisions), timeline events
  2. Space shooter game with space plasma swords. Requires: ship motion physics, circle to circle collisions, scoring, enemy AI, possibly graviation and particles

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